Kite Festival(Makar Sankranti), Pink CIty – Jaipur

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

India known for its rich culture and diversity which is clearly seen by the vibrant colors that country has to offer through folk dances, festivals, cuisines, architecture and the colorful lifestyle of people. It is the land where each and every guest is welcomed and treated like God. One of the things that add most to the diverse culture of India are the festivals that bring each and every individual around together.

Talking about Rajasthan always gives you that royal essence that others fail and one of such festivals that is celebrated with that same royal taste is Makar Sankranti or the Kite Festival. Celebrated each year on “14th January”. It is one of the festival that is celebrated with utmost joy and harmony. This festival is entirely dedicated as the day of kites. Everyone has heard or seen kite plays all around the world, but this day is celebrated by flying kites high up in the skies. On this day people come together with their families and friends and make those bonds more strong. But there is that one thing that this day promises and i.e flying kites, the whole sky is filled with kites of different colors, shapes and sizes.

Kite Festival in Jaipur plays a important role in the culture of the state of Rajasthan and thus it is not only celebrated by families but schools, colleges ans societies organizes kite competitions a day or week prior to the festival. As it is said, Every Indian Festival has some really nice 
food to display the culture and cause of celebration. On this day,
the ladies in the family cook the special sweets knows as Til Laddu and Til Papdi and shares these sweets with their closed ones.

The best place to be to witness the kite festival is in the walled city, or Chaugan Stadium. The skies are full of kites and you will hear people shouting with joy all because they took someones kite down. It is not only about flying big kites or kites with different shapes, it is about taking down other kites by cutting their threads and make yours last as log as you can high up in the air. The higher the kite the better the statement.

Danger During the Festival

A lot of birds get injured due to the threads (manja) and are rescued some even get killed, many of the endangered birds get killed and injured, even though organisations and rescue vans keep working but they cant save the all.

It is not only birds that are in danger, even people travelling or walking on the streets can have a sudden contact with some string (manja) and get themselves cut, the people in most danger are the ones driving the two wheeler’s.

Kindly take precautions while leaving the homes. Have a great Makar Sankranti!

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