A trip to pushkar

(Last Updated On: February 25, 2019)

A Trip to Puskar

Puskar is a town in the Ajmer District in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is situated about 10 km (6.2 mi) northwest of Ajmer and about 150 kilometers (93 mi) southwest of Jaipur. Puskar is considered as a pilgrimage site for Hindu and Sikhs. Pushkar is mentioned in the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Puranas suggesting its significance in the historical and religious tradition of Hinduism. The town is mentioned in many texts dated to the 1st millennium.

How to reach Puskar

By plane

The nearest airport is in Jaipur, 3 hours away.

By bus

There are direct buses between Pushkar and Ajmer (30 minutes, ₹20), Jaipur (3 hours, ₹220-410), Udaipur (6 hours, ₹450), and night buses to Delhi  (10 hours, ₹400-850).

By train

Due to its mountainous location, trains to Pushkar are very infrequent and slow. However, the train station in nearby Ajmer provides great connections to most major cities in India. From the Ajmer train station, you can either take a taxi to Pushkar (30 minutes, ₹500-600) or you take a rickshaw or tuk-tuk to the Ajmer Bus Station and take a bus from there to Pushkar (₹20).

Puskar is full of Ghats and Temples, one who loves history can also find something attractive plus each and everything gives you the experience of a lifetime.

Places to visit while in Pushkar:-

1. Pushkar Lake. Pushkar Lake is a beautiful, sanctified spot in the center of Pushkar. It is said to have been created by Lord Brahma and is, therefore, a place of pilgrimage for the Hindus. The lake is surrounded by 52 different Ghats, or series of steps, which Hindus use to descend to the lake for ritual bathing, especially in the month of Karthik. 


While there are many temples in Pushkar, the majority do not allow foreigners/non-Hindus to enter. If you are allowed in, you will have to take off your shoes to enter the temples. If you only have the desire or time to visit 2 temples, the one-of-a-kind Brahma Temple and the Savitri Temple, with a beautiful view of Pushkar Lake, are must-sees.

2. Aptaeshwar Temple. A temple dedicated to Shiva with an underground component. 

3. Atmeshwar Temple. A beautiful Shiva temple.

4. Brahma Temple. One of the very few temples in the world dedicated to Brahma. Read up on Hinduism to learn why this temple is such a rarity! No matter where you stay in Pushkar, you will hear the daily chanting ceremonies or aartis conducted here: One begins two hours before sunrise, one 40 minutes after sunset, and one 5 hours after sunset. 

Pap Mochini Temple (A 30-minute walk north of Pushkar). A beautiful temple on a hill dedicated to Gayatri, one of the 2 consorts of Brahma. 

5. Rangji Temple. A Vishnu temple built in South Indian style that is very different from other temples in North India. Poojas are performed here by Iyengars of Tamil Nadu. 

6.Savitri Temple. Dedicated to Savitri, the wife of Lord Brahma, this temple is the second most important temple in Pushkar. It requires a climb of 650 steps to reach it, but the view at the top of Pushkar and the lake is worth the climb. Do it at sunrise! 

7.Sri Panchkund Shiva Temple (Eastern edge of the town, 2-3 km from the lake). The Shiva temple is said to have been built by Pancha Pandavas. 

8.Varaha Temple. The oldest temple in Pushkar. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Not well maintained, but impressive due to its age and spiritual importance.

Things you should respect about the town

·         The whole of town is considered to be sacred, so whatever rules generally apply to a place of worship in India, apply to the whole of the town.

·         Smoking in public is prohibited by law though the rule is never enforced enthusiastically.

·         Consumption of liquor or meat is not allowed in the city, therefore it is advised to respect the rule and not carry any liquor/ meat with you while traveling to Pushkar.

·         It is advised that the men wear full-length pants and t-shirt/ shirt and women wear full-length clothes. Do not wear off-shoulder tops or shorts while roaming within the city.

·         Take off your shoes at stairs if you are going near the lake.

·         Be polite, but do not be pressured into making an offer at the ghats. It is not mandatory.

Staying in Puskar is affordable and the town has a number of hotels and restaurants, Many hotels/guesthouses around Pushkar Lake have rooftop restaurants with views of the lake.

Covering whole Pushkar will not take more than 2 days. But you can take the best fun in Pushkar when you come at the time of Pushkar Fair. 

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